Providing data to the flare network

Flare network signal provider

Using our evolving advanced algorithms, we provide accurate data
to the Flare network

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Who we are

We are a team of IT professionals in the UK that has developed Evolve FTSO. We work towards improving the algorithms to provide the best data possible to maximise rewards.

How it works

Our FTSO server provides data to the Flare network and the more accurate it is, the more rewards we get.
Anyone can delegate their SGB coins to our FTSO to also get rewards.
This is done in 3 steps

1. Wrap SGB
SGB is wrapped so it can be delgated to an FTSO
2. Delegate Wrapper SGB (WSGB)
WSGB can then be delegated to an FTSO to gain rewards
3. Claim rewards!
Once WSGB is delegated to a FTSO, it will accumulate SGB rewards which can then be claimed